About the Blog

Here I will write about how to build different Qlik Sense and QlikView solutions: About scripting, visual design, extensions, data modelling, dos and don’ts, etc. It will sometimes be very technical and sometimes not. Please give me feedback on the content. Send me questions and suggestions. I am here for you. Welcome to HICs Blog!

About me:

Henric Ivar Cronström – usually called ‘HIC’

I joined Qlik in 1994 right after the company was founded. At Qlik, I have had several different roles: The first few years in Qlik’s history, I was the Product manager for QlikView, and then I moved into solution implementation and training.  After many years in the field, including a role as manager for the technical staff in QlikTech Germany, I returned to Sweden where I first was deputy manager for the development organization, then Technical Product Advocate, then Prinicpal Product Designer.

I have a doctorate in elementary particle physics from the University of Lund. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with my wife and spending time with my two adult children. I love photography and spending time in the nature.